Berry Good News - A promising treatment for cancer

Berry Good News – A promising treatment for cancer

If you haven’t yet read about the news about blackberries, I’m sure you will in no time. Black raspberries prove to be a greater anti-inflammatory agent than the long-trusted raspberries.

Scientists from Ohio State University and Kentucky conducted a combined study of 20 patients with precancerous oral lesions using only freeze-dried blackberries and KY jelly. They had patients apply it to the lesions four times a day for six weeks. Many patients reversed their condition and more than half showed significant improvement.

This would be a real breakthrough since most patients diagnosed with oral cancer, roughly 80 diagnoses every day in the United States according to the American Cancer Society, typically end up looking disfigured even after plastic surgery with the current treatments available.

The Kentucky Four Tigers, which grows blackberries, believes it would certainly be a development if Kentucky moved from a state that relies heavily on tobacco products to generate income, to one that produces a crop that fights cancer.

Russell Mumber, vice president and associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences in the UK, also performed a preliminary test on colon cancer cells. Blackberry extract was introduced into colon cancer cell colonies in the laboratory. usually. These types of cells, roughly multiplying daily. It was found that the extract stopped the growth of colon cancer cells.

The same berry solution has also shown promise for slowing the growth of skin cancer in mice.

A larger trial involving several different cancer centers is planned, and the gel product is subject to final stage approvals with a potential to be available in stores within one to two years.

If the prelims are any indication of things to come in regards to blackberries, then I see this as just one natural product that should be added to the list of cancer-fighting agents everyone should include in their diets. This is definitely not going to be hard to swallow!

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