Kraft Heinz funds undertaking turning sugar into fiber

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BOSTON — Kraft Heinz funded a two-year research at Harvard College’s Wyeth Institute in Boston to transform sugar into fiber within the intestine, decreasing the quantity of sugar absorbed into the bloodstream.

The analysis is predicated on enzymes that crops use to transform sugars into fiber. Wyss Labs seemed for a method so as to add enzymes to meals with out altering the sugar content material.Wyss encapsulated enzymes in spherical nanoparticles to guard them throughout the meals manufacturing course of. The enzyme remained encapsulated till uncovered to the elevated pH that happens throughout gastric-to-gut transition. As soon as it reached the gut, the enzyme opened up and turned the sugar into fiber.

Kraft Heinz initially contacted Wyss about discovering methods to scale back the quantity of sugar in meals with out sacrificing sugar’s useful properties. For instance, caramelizing to offer baked items a brown colour, thickening jams and preserves, and creating an acidic atmosphere to scale back spoilage.

Judith Mocha, Head of Know-how Discovery and Improvement at Kraft Heinz, mentioned:

The findings might assist Kraft Heinz meet its aim of decreasing the overall quantity of sugar in its merchandise by greater than 60 million kilos by 2025, mentioned John, head of analysis technique at Kraft Heinz. Topinka mentioned.

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