Rewinding Oregon Geese’ 28-27 comeback over North Carolina in Vacation Bowl

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Tonight’s match between No. 15 Oregon State and North Carolina State was broadcast dwell from Petco Park. The Geese rallied to win 28-27.

Oregon (10-3) was the 13-point favorite, in keeping with

The Tar Heels (9-5) have misplaced their final 4 video games.

Under is a dwell replace of tonight’s sport.

Finals: Oregon 28, North Carolina 27

— UNC ball on personal half 33. 10-yard Kobe Pacer’s Drake he Could, plus he is a 5-yard fraudulent alternative. UNC is 42 and Paysour is 12 from Maye.

— Bucky Irving returns to UO 21. Bonix provides Noah Whittington he 5. Knicks to Noah Whittington he has 11 factors. Knicks to Terrance Ferguson. , the ball he at UNC 14. Nix runs on 6. Nix is ​​Franklin and incomplete. third and 4th (0:31) UNC 8, Whittington 2. Fourth and second at UNC 6 (0:24) Nix landing to Chase Cota. PAT is in upright. Oregon 28, North Carolina 27 – 0:19

――Lengthy return is worn out by maintain. incomplete. Elias Inexperienced’s Her 7 Plus Jalil Florence Face Masks. Drake Maye to Andre Greene Jr. with 13 and Inexperienced with 7 and a pair of. Mei is quantity 4, 2, 1. Massefna stopped with a loss. incomplete. The third and he’s the twelfth, incomplete. Noah Burnett I just like the 44-yard discipline objective. North Carolina 27, Oregon 21 – 2:29

— Bucky Irving returns to UO 39. Bo Nix provides Chase Cota his six. Nix deep provides Troy Franklin a go interference. 30 yards from Knicks to Kota. Irving 4 4. The Knicks 6-yard landing to Chris Hutson was swept by an ineligible man downfield on Marcus Harper II. 5 factors from Knicks to Hutson. Knicks 6-yard landing to Franklin. Oregon 21, North Carolina 24 – 6:58

— Omarion Hampton scored 4. Kobe Paysour takes 3 from Drake Maye. 4 and three, 16 from Maye to Bryson Nesbit. Maye rolls for 10 on DJ Jones. On 3 and 9, Could scrambles and Casey Rogers takes him down on 2. The assessment confirms Noah Burnett’s 19-yard discipline objective. North Carona 24, Oregon 14 – 9:13

— third and fifth, Terrance Ferguson’s case is incomplete. Adam Barry punted on his UNC 48 and returned it 5 yards.

Finish of Q3: Oregon 14, North Carolina 21

— Ryan walks in heart. Noah Whittington scored his two. Patrick Herbert from Bonix he scored seven. Whittington misplaced two factors after Cedric Grey’s stoppage. An unlawful substitution of a participant who didn’t report the quantity change causes him to punt to UNC 35 and Oregon will get the primary down. incomplete. Bucky Irving gave him 5 votes. Finish of quarter.

— 8 factors from Drake Maye to John Copenhaver. Elijah Inexperienced for no acquire, 4. Maye to Copenhaver for five, superb one-handed catch. Imperfect deep ball. Third and his fifth, Maye loses his two and Brandon Dorlus and Mase Funa cease. Punt to UO 1.

— 10, 2, 8, and 5 Bucky Irving. Noah Whittington from Nogain. 5 factors from Bo Nix to Troy Franklin. Knicks to Whittington with out profit. third and eighth, Nix runs at 1. 4th and seventh, Nix is ​​incomplete. Alex Forsythe to the locker room.

— Elijah Inexperienced is 1. Drake Maye is incomplete. The third and he’s the ninth, incomplete. UO 32 on a punt, Kris Hutson loses 4 yards.

— Touchback. Bucky Irving has his two losses. Bo Nix wins in opposition to Troy Franklin. incomplete. Adam Barry punts to UNC 30.

Halftime: Oregon 14, North Carolina 21

— Touchback. His 23-yard strike to Troy Franklin for Bonix was swept away by holding Terrance Ferguson. Bucky Irving scored his tenth. half time.

— Drake Maye for a 49-yard landing to Kobe Pacer. North Carolina 21, Oregon 14 – 0:26

— Touchback. 11 factors from Beau Nix to Terrance Ferguson. 5 factors from the Knicks to Chris Hutson. 2 factors from the Knicks. 25 factors from Knicks to Ferguson. 3 factors from the Knicks. Noah Whittington scored him two. The Knicks powered on a go to Ferguson that was intercepted by Echols, however the go was tipped and out of Echols’ ft.

— George Pettaway ran for 4. Elijah Inexperienced ran 7 and a pair of. Drake Maye to Kobe Paysour operating on 7. Maye runs on 4. 24 Maye. Incomplete. Maye to John Copenhaver 11. Maye is 1. incomplete. Within the third and ninth, Could gave Bryson Nesbitt a 14-yard landing. Oregon 14, North Carolina 14 – 4:34

— Noah Whittington in 8, 3, 3. Bucky Irving goes free for a 66-yard landing and cuts again left to proper. Oregon 14, North Carolina 7 – 9:13

— Elijah Inexperienced ran on 7. Drake Maye ran at 20. Inexperienced ran on 4. incomplete. The third and he’s the sixth, incomplete. 4th and he’s sixth, Could to JJ Jones he’s eleventh. Noah Burnett 34-yard discipline objective no good.

First Quarter Ended: Oregon 7, North Carolina 7

— There are not any advantages for Elijah Inexperienced. Cease by Micah Roth and his Daymon David. From Drake Maye to Kobe Paysour 7.

— Bucky Irving returns to UO 30. Jordan James his 13 yards. Bo he bought 11 factors from Noah Whittington from the Knicks. James scored him 6. The Knicks have been dismissed and misplaced by 6 factors. Nix to Troy Franklin 7. 4th and he ninth, a Camden Lewis 47-yard discipline objective broad left.

— The kickoff was returned 57 yards by George Pettaway. Elijah Inexperienced doubled for him. Drake Maye hit his eleventh base. Kobe Paysour hits his eleventh base. Maye he runs in ten. 2 for the inexperienced. Maye to Andre Greene Jr. on 7. From UO 22 he’s 4th and 1 and Maye scrambles with 3. 4 for the inexperienced. third and him sixth, Maye to Bryson Nesbit seventh. Inexperienced second. Could 6-yard landing Andre Inexperienced Jr. Oregon 7, North Carolina 7 – 4:37

— 9 factors for Bucky Irving. When Bo Nix passes to Irving, he loses a yard. 14 factors from the Knicks to Terrance Ferguson. Irving scored him 7, then he 23. Irving’s 2-yard landing. Oregon 7, North Carolina 0 – 11:05

–Kicking off the touchback. Drake Maye’s path is incomplete. Elijah Inexperienced doubled for him. 4th and he punts to 21, UO 46.

— Oregon wins the toss and postpones. UNC receiving on the primary base aspect.


— Keith Brown and Jake Shipley lead first-team protection. The second staff of Anthony Jones and Emarion Winston.

— All scholarship gamers are eligible

— Jeff Bassa and Bennett Williams use kick returners for the primary time. Bassa wraps his left hand.

— Christian Gonzalez wears the jersey to assist Oregon State from the sidelines.

Viewing methodology

TV Channel: FOX

On Air: Portland Radio 1080 “The Fan”, Eugene KUGN-AM 590, KEX (1190), KPOJ (620)

The way to watch the dwell stream on-line: You’ll be able to watch this sport dwell at no cost on fuboTV (free trial). In the event you’re previous the fuboTV trial interval, or just want their platform and their pricing plans, you too can get this sport on Sling TV (promotional supply). You may also watch this match dwell on Fox Sports activities Dwell utilizing your cable or satellite tv for pc supplier login data.

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